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I’ m a big fun of salads 🙂 its one of my favorite recipe yummy salad!!!

Ingredients: 2 big chicken breast ( cube and fry with condiment like when we do a kebab)

1 big broccoli (cook and share into pieces )

1 feta (cube)

1 can of bean

1 can of corn

6 fresh cucumbers (slice and add salt, wait a while and filter juice)

1 packaging of slices almond (fry on frying pan without oil)

Dressing: 1 mayonnaise

1 cream salt, pepper and garlic (you should use garlic press!)

Ingredients stratify in glass bowl, every ingredient flow with dressing breast – dressing – cucumbers – dressing – corn and beans – dressing – broccoli and feta – dressing – and finally almonds…