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Introducing a new dog to a resident cats :D

We have two cats Filip and Fela (oh God I have never taught that in my house will be a cat – two cats! 😉 and a new arrival – Lena. It’ s a energetic working dog in contrast to my cats.. lazy – very lazy cats (If they can speak they will told – “we was born tired so we live to taking a rest..” 🙂
And that’s a question: how to train a dog like cats an cats like dog? I believe my pets will be a great buddies ;D

But, now … It’s like a war between them : defensive and provocative war but I am certain IT’S THE WAR TO END ALL WARS. 🙂

… and let mi introduce  to you …



Non aggression pact – Fela and Filip


and it’s their relationship now..

when the cat’s away the mice will play..


when the dog’s away the cats will play 🙂