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day of SANTA CLAUS :)

Yesterday,  Santa Claus gave the presents to kind and polite children … 😀 do you get one? 😉

My childhood memories:

* Santa Claus ALWAYS left presents under pillows  – in bed where children was sleeping…

* my happiness because of present was unimaginable 🙂 And I can’t say that i was always polite and kind and perfect child 😉 Santa Claus never forget about me …. 🙂

There are some pictures with Santa Claus – it’s from the party which was in my father job and it was organized for children of  workers.. That’s a laugh – 20 years later :):):):):)

where I am?? hmm… ? I just look like a boy 😀

with a BIG bow knots in my hairs 🙂

with father …

with my brother and so straight fringe … 😀




step by step and there is tutorial: how to make a Christmas ribbon ball














                                                       How to make ribbon Christmas ball?

It is so easy but you must have a lot of patience …. 🙂

You need:

1 Styrofoam ball (for example 10 cm wide)

ribbon – color which you like – 25 mm wide, you must cut it into pieces – about 50 mm length

pins – 300-400 pins

sequins – alternatively

and PATIENCE !!!! 🙂

I explain process of creating the ball using pictures 🙂 I hope it will help:)

all too soon for making Christmas preparation… ????

now – November

one month and we will have Christmas, it is too early for even think about celebrating?  NOOOOOOOO

Last year my patients taught me  how to make a ball – CHRISTMAS BALL – using only ribbon, pins and styrofoam ball 🙂 it’s  easy but it take up a lot of time – it usually depend on sizes of ball and experience 🙂

it can be perfect and unique gift for your friends 🙂 it can be beautiful decoration of Christmas tree or home…

I am addicted to ribbon Christmas ball, and I am certain if you try you also will be addicted with me:)

some pictures.. 🙂




here in Poland, Podkarpacie..

Podkarpackie, (polish – województwo podkarpackie) the Sub-Carpathian Province, located in the extreme south eastern corner of Poland, Polska. Woj Podkarpackie, means underneath the Carpathians – its a place – region where I live – a region where is moderate climatic zone… where summer SHOULD be hot, warm and sunny NOT windy, cold, and wet.. buuuuuuu…

“…Rivers in south-western Poland have swelled dangerously after the latest downpour, exceeding alarm levels in 24 places. In southern Poland – were flood alerts were declared in 11 local communities – the situation is said to have improved and is under control now.

Weather forecasters warn, however, that heavy rains are likely to hit southern Poland especially, with up to 70 millimeters of rain expected in the Sudety mountains. Eastern Poland, too, should brace up for heavy rains.

Saturday and Sunday will be cloudy…”

its a weather which make  depression.. view from home – the same from a few days