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day of SANTA CLAUS :)

Yesterday,  Santa Claus gave the presents to kind and polite children … 😀 do you get one? 😉

My childhood memories:

* Santa Claus ALWAYS left presents under pillows  – in bed where children was sleeping…

* my happiness because of present was unimaginable 🙂 And I can’t say that i was always polite and kind and perfect child 😉 Santa Claus never forget about me …. 🙂

There are some pictures with Santa Claus – it’s from the party which was in my father job and it was organized for children of  workers.. That’s a laugh – 20 years later :):):):):)

where I am?? hmm… ? I just look like a boy 😀

with a BIG bow knots in my hairs 🙂

with father …

with my brother and so straight fringe … 😀