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here in Poland, Podkarpacie..

Podkarpackie, (polish – województwo podkarpackie) the Sub-Carpathian Province, located in the extreme south eastern corner of Poland, Polska. Woj Podkarpackie, means underneath the Carpathians – its a place – region where I live – a region where is moderate climatic zone… where summer SHOULD be hot, warm and sunny NOT windy, cold, and wet.. buuuuuuu…

“…Rivers in south-western Poland have swelled dangerously after the latest downpour, exceeding alarm levels in 24 places. In southern Poland – were flood alerts were declared in 11 local communities – the situation is said to have improved and is under control now.

Weather forecasters warn, however, that heavy rains are likely to hit southern Poland especially, with up to 70 millimeters of rain expected in the Sudety mountains. Eastern Poland, too, should brace up for heavy rains.

Saturday and Sunday will be cloudy…”

its a weather which make  depression.. view from home – the same from a few days