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I like reading.

I love reading.

My grandmother taught me alphabet and reading skills when I was five. From that times my book taste has changed. When I was a child I loved “Ann of Green Gables” – Lucy Maud Montgomery (I read all parts.. and I dreamt…) now I read novel of manners, fantasy (occasionally!), thriller (of course medical thriller !;)), sometimes  books about love..

Strange habit? Sometimes I like read book from the end – I must know ending ( depriving myself all emotions which are related with a plot – I know.. )

What book I can recommend you?  I am reading five book now (its toooooooo much but nothing interest me INTEREST = IT MEAN READING A BOOK FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END AND NOT CARE ABOUT TIME). I am bored.

I am reading

  • “The Host”

This book is not a real page turner… I  finished this book just before ending and nothing attract me to know the ending (but I read Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn – absorbed me a lot )

  • “The Keepsake”

I love Tess Gerritsen thrillers but it … hmmm I have read half..

  • “Gravity”

Its also book of Tess. Not finished yet. Few sides to the end…

  • “Le Serment des Limbes”

My psyche is too weak… I can’t finished – I am too scared..

  • “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”

I have started read harry Potter books when I was a child. When I was younger I wad fascinated with this magic world. I never finish all story about the young magician. Maybe because I am to old now or I am a MUGOL 🙂 But I am  trying to read site by site..

Nothing interest me – I am fussing – who knows…