I like reading.

I love reading.

My grandmother taught me alphabet and reading skills when I was five. From that times my book taste has changed. When I was a child I loved “Ann of Green Gables” – Lucy Maud Montgomery (I read all parts.. and I dreamt…) now I read novel of manners, fantasy (occasionally!), thriller (of course medical thriller !;)), sometimes  books about love..

Strange habit? Sometimes I like read book from the end – I must know ending ( depriving myself all emotions which are related with a plot – I know.. )

What book I can recommend you?  I am reading five book now (its toooooooo much but nothing interest me INTEREST = IT MEAN READING A BOOK FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END AND NOT CARE ABOUT TIME). I am bored.

I am reading

  • “The Host”

This book is not a real page turner… I  finished this book just before ending and nothing attract me to know the ending (but I read Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn – absorbed me a lot )

  • “The Keepsake”

I love Tess Gerritsen thrillers but it … hmmm I have read half..

  • “Gravity”

Its also book of Tess. Not finished yet. Few sides to the end…

  • “Le Serment des Limbes”

My psyche is too weak… I can’t finished – I am too scared..

  • “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”

I have started read harry Potter books when I was a child. When I was younger I wad fascinated with this magic world. I never finish all story about the young magician. Maybe because I am to old now or I am a MUGOL 🙂 But I am  trying to read site by site..

Nothing interest me – I am fussing – who knows…






I made a yummy cookies yesterday, called “kokosanki” (I don’t know how should I translate it). It’s a very, very old recipe.. When I was in primary school we tried to learn how to bake and cook. A group of boys made “kokosanki”, when they heat up the ingredients they left plastic spoon in a pot.. they realized that half of that spoon melt too.. 🙂 It’s funny – I never use plastic spoon because I remember quite clearly this RED melted spoon (and this strange smell … 😉
but come back to recipe ..

1 glass of milk
3 tablespoon of honey
5 decagram of butter
30 decagram of sugar

38 decagram of wheat
3 eggs
2 teaspoon of baking powder

milk, honey, butter and sugar – melt but not boil (!!!). After that – wait few minutes – this mass must be cool down.Next separate the yolk from white of an egg. Add yolk to the mass and using spoon or mixer precisely stir or mix.

After that whisk the white of eggs. Next add wheat with baking powder (sifted) and white of eggs and using spoon melt this mass (you should add wheat and white of eggs gradually — at first one tablespoon of wheat and one of white of eggs it is important to melt slowly.. )

Put the mass to baking tin and bake (180 degrees Celcius) about 45 minutes.

10 decagram of butter
16 decagram of sugar
2 tablespoons of cocoa
3 tablespoons of milk
2 tablespoons of potato flour

butter, sugar and cocoa – melt and boil. Before that melt potato flour with milk and when sugar, cocoa and butter will boil then add milk with flour and boil but shortly!

When the cake is ready cut it into pieces (the cake must be cool down).

After that soak the cake into cocoa topping and coat with  desiccated coconut (you will need about 25 decagram of desiccated coconut). Put cookies to the fridge.

Enjoy!!! 🙂

wedding garter

I will share with you some garter wedding ideas (all projects are mine :))









Introducing a new dog to a resident cats :D

We have two cats Filip and Fela (oh God I have never taught that in my house will be a cat – two cats! 😉 and a new arrival – Lena. It’ s a energetic working dog in contrast to my cats.. lazy – very lazy cats (If they can speak they will told – “we was born tired so we live to taking a rest..” 🙂
And that’s a question: how to train a dog like cats an cats like dog? I believe my pets will be a great buddies ;D

But, now … It’s like a war between them : defensive and provocative war but I am certain IT’S THE WAR TO END ALL WARS. 🙂

… and let mi introduce  to you …



Non aggression pact – Fela and Filip


and it’s their relationship now..

when the cat’s away the mice will play..


when the dog’s away the cats will play 🙂


I’ m a big fun of salads 🙂 its one of my favorite recipe yummy salad!!!

Ingredients: 2 big chicken breast ( cube and fry with condiment like when we do a kebab)

1 big broccoli (cook and share into pieces )

1 feta (cube)

1 can of bean

1 can of corn

6 fresh cucumbers (slice and add salt, wait a while and filter juice)

1 packaging of slices almond (fry on frying pan without oil)

Dressing: 1 mayonnaise

1 cream salt, pepper and garlic (you should use garlic press!)

Ingredients stratify in glass bowl, every ingredient flow with dressing breast – dressing – cucumbers – dressing – corn and beans – dressing – broccoli and feta – dressing – and finally almonds…


hobby, passion = fishing

real hobby is… hmm
– unprofitable – if we have profits it became business
– it completely absorbed in our free time
– and I think that it is good when the other family members have different hobbies – passion is like an asylum…

And now reaching the consensus… 🙂
My passion is embroidery -particularly cross stitch 🙂 My brother Łukasz has hobby which I didn’t understand- YES IT’S FISHING !!!

BUT! One day, I forced myself and go fishing with him (HE INSIST A LOT… )
For me fishing = its sth boring, only for phlegmatic person (sorry…;-) , it is only staring at bob? or sth
Expecting that I will only sitting and staring, and staring and staring and sitting and sitting and maybe I will standing.. and staring I plan that I will bring a good book so my time won’t be waste ..

BUT Appearances are misleading !!! So see some pictures and my first fish – which I fish with no help :))) its a big roach 😀

preparing place…

the main “commander” 😉

the main helper??? 😛

oh, how beautiful you are…

my OWN fish (no I didn’t eat it, in spite that my brother tried make me believe that I must eat my first fish.. hahahaha very funny… all fishes comeback to water 🙂

YES, I Like Fishing !!!