hurry up..

The beginning of November in my country is always marked with the lights of candles burning in graveyards. The first and second day of this month is the time when we stream to the cemeteries to decorate the graves with flowers and to light the flames. The lights commemorate deceased relatives and friends…

Hurry up
Hurry up to love people, they pass away so fast
Only shoes and silent telephone remains
Only what is trivial lags like a cow
The most important is so beautiful that occurs suddenly
Afterwards natural silence therefore unbearable
Like purity born straightforward from distress
When we think about someone, remaining without them

Don’t be sure that you still have time, because certainty is vague
It takes away compassion like any joy
It comes simultaneously with pathos and humour
Like two passions still weaker than one
They go away fast like thrush falling silent in July
Like sound a bit awkward or emotionless bow
To see decently they close their eyes
Though greater risk is to be born than to die
We still love too little and always too late

Don’t write about it often but once and forever
and you will be like a dolphin gentle and powerful

Hurry up to love people, they pass away so fast
And those who perish, not always return
And we never know talking about love,
Is the first the last, or is the last the first?

Jan Twardowski


This is an unusual time, when you can pause during the everyday fuss and rush and think about the sense and direction of your life.

…I just like the look of the lighted graveyards in the evening…



a beautiful indian? (in Poland GOLD) autumn :)

This year we have a wonderful autumn 🙂 The sun is shinning almost all days, we have foggy mornings like in England and we forgot about last year autumn weather – cold and rainy.. that’s it what you call life 🙂 even October can be a positive month..

oooo and it’s the walnut tree in my garden – without leafs – after first frost

What’s new in my life? I have started to take part in course about  children. I have a hope it will be useful for rehabilitation with them. I am certain that it is useful for every future mother, aunt or grandmother so it isn’t wasting time 😉

The main rule when you are a children parent or carer: USE:


where heart means LOVE

and whip means responsibility, consistency, determination

It’ s so simple and common – everyone knows it but not everyone put it into practice…

wedding one of my best friend …

I show you some pictures of latest wedding where I was invited and had a wonderful time 🙂

Kasia  &  Michał and their BIG happiness 😀







wedding season

we were on two weddings this year 🙂 I love this kind of parties :)))

and what’s more we will going for autumn weddings so it’s not the end of celebrating .. and it’s only 8 month to OUR big day 🙂 under pressure days will come..

lovely new born baby

🙂 every baby is lovely and charming but that girl stole my heart!!!

one of my best friend is a mother :)))

June 2010 – I was a bridesmaid on a wedding of Agata and Jarek 🙂 Now, they having beautifully daughter and I am an  aunt 🙂 I am so happy because of their happiness …

She s name is Jagoda.  I can hardy wait to see her on real 🙂

Congratulations for happy parents!

cross stitch

cross stitch is my hobby.. my passion..  my favorite free time activity

maybe some of you think it is soooo BORING by it’s not 🙂 I embroider when I watch TV when I make a soup  when I listen to radio when I take a rest in a garden.. It teach me haw to be patient and meticulous and this features are so useful in my job.. oh I love cross stitch.. and my walls are beautifully decorated with cross stitch pictures 🙂

its my last work (embroider for 6 month)

here in Poland, Podkarpacie..

Podkarpackie, (polish – województwo podkarpackie) the Sub-Carpathian Province, located in the extreme south eastern corner of Poland, Polska. Woj Podkarpackie, means underneath the Carpathians – its a place – region where I live – a region where is moderate climatic zone… where summer SHOULD be hot, warm and sunny NOT windy, cold, and wet.. buuuuuuu…

“…Rivers in south-western Poland have swelled dangerously after the latest downpour, exceeding alarm levels in 24 places. In southern Poland – were flood alerts were declared in 11 local communities – the situation is said to have improved and is under control now.

Weather forecasters warn, however, that heavy rains are likely to hit southern Poland especially, with up to 70 millimeters of rain expected in the Sudety mountains. Eastern Poland, too, should brace up for heavy rains.

Saturday and Sunday will be cloudy…”

its a weather which make  depression.. view from home – the same from a few days