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something about wedding …  O U R wedding 😉

It’ s high time to write something about us. Our wedding will be 28th of April. It’ s no long to this BIG day ..

OUR story – it isn’t love at first sight.. our love isn’t like a bolt from the blue..

We have know each other  for many, many, many, many years … 🙂 Our parents are close friends and they worked together in the past.. And then we met. Our love matured from friendship and ta daaaaa we are fiancee and fiance. It’s maybe banal story but it’s OUR story and our priceless love which we discovered about 7 years ago (after a long time of masking our feelings – it was horrible but funny time: )

We have got engaged 13th of February last year 🙂 We want to have summer wedding but it was too late – the restaurant where we wanted to have a party was reserved for summer so we decided to have SPRING wedding 🙂 and now I am so scared about the weather – spring here in Poland is unpredictable. Now we have no snow for winter so I have a  hope we have a lot of sun for spring 🙂

Times changed for the better.. My grandparents has their wedding in 1957. It was so hard, country was destroyed because of war.. My grandmother borrowed her wedding dress from sister..

My parents has their wedding in 1986 – communism was in Poland, people stand in line for everything – in shops often was empty racks. My mum had rented out her white dress..

Now everywhere (TV, Internet) and everyone is taking about a BIG  global crisis. But in spite of that we have no war in our country, we can go to shop and buy everything  we want .. it’s not bad times 🙂

Agnieszka & Tomasz


something about wedding traditions in Poland



Something about me.. I and my fiancé planning to get married  in April 🙂

In connection to this our BIG day I want to add on blog some wedding preparations posts, but I think that it is also important to say something about wedding traditions in Poland 🙂

all the pictures are from my best friend wedding 🙂

 The wedding is one of the most important family celebrations.

1. First there is the engagement period called “Oświadczyny” or “Zaręczyny” The engagement ceremony comes before the wedding. The engagement is usually a small ceremony that takes place in the house of the parents or parents in law (either the bride or the groom). Many times this is a time when in-laws meet each other the first time.

2. And the great day finally arrives. Often the marriage is celebrated on Saturday afternoon.

groom & bride

The groom comes to take the bride in her residence. He is accompanied by his parents, his witness, often a photographer is charged to film and photograph all the ceremony, and by an orchestra, with the obligatory accordion, which guides it with the Polish traditional music to the door of residence of the bride. There, the bride accompanied by her witness, the parents and the guests await them. The grooms “are then blessed” by their parents – in other words they receive the authorization from the parents and they tell them about the responsibilities of the marriage, etc It is beautiful, it is moving, but it should be seen because as it is difficult to explain.

3. And now it is time to leave for the church. Always accompanied by the orchestra, the grooms take the road in their car, but not so quickly, because it is probable that the road will be barred. By neighbors who ask “to pay” to let leave the grooms! “The price thus should be negotiated” – One or two bottles vodka for the adults, a candy sachet or chocolates for the children, and the barrier opens. But attention, it is possible that other barriers can installed – thus it is necessary “to pay” again, or to seek another road (if it exists and if it is not barred). Once these difficulties are overcome, the group can finally take the road for the church.

4. The ceremony of marriage starts. It is almost the same as in all the other countries: the grooms say themselves “yes” and exchange alliances, the marriage is concluded. After the exit of the church, the young grooms accept want them and the flowers (and gifts), the priest, the parents and the witnesses first of all, then the nearest family, and the friends. The guests throw them rice (or sometimes coins which must be gathered by the grooms) on the grooms – it is an old, that must bring them chance in their new life and richness. It is also current to make fly away the pigeons by the grooms.

5. Then all the guests go to party room which will become for this evening ‘the house of the marriage”. Grooms are welcomed at the door by their parents with bread (which should be embraced), salt, a glass of vodka that they have to drink a drop and brake the grass symbolically – all that must bring happiness to them. The ceremony of reception is very important, because it symbolizes the reception with the door of a new life, a new family, which must be rich and happy, and it also means that the parents accept from this moment the wife and husband of their child, who becomes now also their child.

6. The groom takes his wife in his arms and brings her inside. It is also an old tradition, formerly having for objective to protect the bride from the demons being able to await it the door, today symbolizing the attention paid to the young woman by her young husband. Without forgetting the orchestra, all the time there, all this occurs with music.

First toast and song called “Sto lat” which literally translated means “one hundred years”. Sto Lat, usually is sung by the guests that signifies 100 years of good health for the bride and groom.

7. Once everyone is inside the room, the guests take their place the party starts. It is generally leaded by a professional organizer and the music live – is ensured by the orchestra. First of all, the tradition. Thus the tables are already filled with varied and delicious dishes, (which will remain during all the party on the tables and which will be eaten by guests constantly, between the dances and the games. Often, at the beginning some hot dishes are served, and some of other cooked dishes a little later. Meanwhile, the guests delight themselves with the cold dishes (salads, meats, fish), with the fruits, cakes… Thus all the night is devoted to fun: music, dances, plays and toasts – to the health of the young grooms, their witnesses, their parents, etc, etc (of which several requests from the guests that vodka “is sweetened” by the young grooms – thus with each request a strong kiss is necessary!).

8.Here is the main cake of the party that arrives! The couple of young grooms cut together the first part of the cake, which will be then distributed among the guests.

9. At midnight, it is time to take off the veil of the bride who is then launched by the young woman – moment awaited by the unmarried invited young women! The young groom launches his tie – this time the unmarried young men have their chance. And, the party continues, continues, continues.  …….    🙂

wedding one of my best friend …

I show you some pictures of latest wedding where I was invited and had a wonderful time 🙂

Kasia  &  Michał and their BIG happiness 😀