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christmas star, ribbon, cinnamon bark and strobile :)

kind of Christmas wreath 🙂


all too soon for making Christmas preparation… ????

now – November

one month and we will have Christmas, it is too early for even think about celebrating?  NOOOOOOOO

Last year my patients taught me  how to make a ball – CHRISTMAS BALL – using only ribbon, pins and styrofoam ball 🙂 it’s  easy but it take up a lot of time – it usually depend on sizes of ball and experience 🙂

it can be perfect and unique gift for your friends 🙂 it can be beautiful decoration of Christmas tree or home…

I am addicted to ribbon Christmas ball, and I am certain if you try you also will be addicted with me:)

some pictures.. 🙂




cross stitch

cross stitch is my hobby.. my passion..  my favorite free time activity

maybe some of you think it is soooo BORING by it’s not 🙂 I embroider when I watch TV when I make a soup  when I listen to radio when I take a rest in a garden.. It teach me haw to be patient and meticulous and this features are so useful in my job.. oh I love cross stitch.. and my walls are beautifully decorated with cross stitch pictures 🙂

its my last work (embroider for 6 month)

hobby, passion = fishing

real hobby is… hmm
– unprofitable – if we have profits it became business
– it completely absorbed in our free time
– and I think that it is good when the other family members have different hobbies – passion is like an asylum…

And now reaching the consensus… 🙂
My passion is embroidery -particularly cross stitch 🙂 My brother Łukasz has hobby which I didn’t understand- YES IT’S FISHING !!!

BUT! One day, I forced myself and go fishing with him (HE INSIST A LOT… )
For me fishing = its sth boring, only for phlegmatic person (sorry…;-) , it is only staring at bob? or sth
Expecting that I will only sitting and staring, and staring and staring and sitting and sitting and maybe I will standing.. and staring I plan that I will bring a good book so my time won’t be waste ..

BUT Appearances are misleading !!! So see some pictures and my first fish – which I fish with no help :))) its a big roach 😀

preparing place…

the main “commander” 😉

the main helper??? 😛

oh, how beautiful you are…

my OWN fish (no I didn’t eat it, in spite that my brother tried make me believe that I must eat my first fish.. hahahaha very funny… all fishes comeback to water 🙂

YES, I Like Fishing !!!