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something about wedding …  O U R wedding 😉

It’ s high time to write something about us. Our wedding will be 28th of April. It’ s no long to this BIG day ..

OUR story – it isn’t love at first sight.. our love isn’t like a bolt from the blue..

We have know each other  for many, many, many, many years … 🙂 Our parents are close friends and they worked together in the past.. And then we met. Our love matured from friendship and ta daaaaa we are fiancee and fiance. It’s maybe banal story but it’s OUR story and our priceless love which we discovered about 7 years ago (after a long time of masking our feelings – it was horrible but funny time: )

We have got engaged 13th of February last year 🙂 We want to have summer wedding but it was too late – the restaurant where we wanted to have a party was reserved for summer so we decided to have SPRING wedding 🙂 and now I am so scared about the weather – spring here in Poland is unpredictable. Now we have no snow for winter so I have a  hope we have a lot of sun for spring 🙂

Times changed for the better.. My grandparents has their wedding in 1957. It was so hard, country was destroyed because of war.. My grandmother borrowed her wedding dress from sister..

My parents has their wedding in 1986 – communism was in Poland, people stand in line for everything – in shops often was empty racks. My mum had rented out her white dress..

Now everywhere (TV, Internet) and everyone is taking about a BIG  global crisis. But in spite of that we have no war in our country, we can go to shop and buy everything  we want .. it’s not bad times 🙂

Agnieszka & Tomasz